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A “Whole” New Adventure

It has been a while since posting on this blog, but some exciting things have been at work with me (Chad) that includes my plant based diet.  As many of you know, I am a runner and this spring I had grand plans to run my first full marathon next month in September and then another one in November.  I even paid for the bib for my race in September.  I was training back in June and running a long run of 13 miles when I was injured with a pull in my back.  It sidelined me for 2 months and now I am back up and running short mileage again.  It is good to be back out there and while I am disappointed to not be able to run my marathons this racing season, I began a new adventure that I believe to be very exciting.

While injured I began talking to a friend of mine who is also a runner and she, too, was overcoming an injury.  We emailed and would call occasionally just to support and check in with progress.  In the course of our conversations we discovered a mutual desire to start a website/blog and quasi-business that would include writing posts, coaching, inspiring, and doing a podcast around issues of health, nutrition, running, and overall wellness.  We could agree on the scope of the project, but had a hard time eventually coming up with a name, but we decided upon “One Whole Step.”  The concept really is that we seek to live a “Whole” life, one that is healthy and true to ourselves.  But, we recognize that this idea of becoming “whole” is a process, one that involves putting one foot in front of the other, one step at a time.  On August 1st we launched our official work at One Whole Step by blogging 5 times a week with topics ranging from plant based nutrition, juicing, running, spirituality, and more.  We also have designed something we are calling “Whole Videos,” which are 3-5 minute testimonials of how everyday people are taking steps towards health and wholeness.  We have also put up our first One Whole Step podcast episode and aim to do one episode every month.  All in all, this particular website has really gathered some attention and traction, which we find to be very exciting.

One of the reasons I wanted to share this exciting news on this blog is to assure our readers that we will continue to write exciting and interesting posts for this blog about our vegan life and I would imagine that there may even be some good overlap of the two.  Obviously there is a natural connection between our family’s vegan journey and the many topics on nutrition that will come up on the One Whole Step site.  You may see some of our recipes on both sites and some of our posts on a plant based diet may cross over to here as well.  It is exciting to be on this “Whole” new adventure of working to provide a safe space for people to encounter health and wholeness in their lives and we wanted to make you aware.  Stay posted for more of our vegan journey here at Our Vegan Life, but also connect with me and my friend, Danielle, over at One Whole Step.  Our website is www.onewholestep.com.  You can like us on Facebook and also follow us on Twitter @OneWholeStep.  You can also go to ITunes to become a subscriber to our podcast under the title of One Whole Step.  Thank you for your support and be whole, dear friends.

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